A Preworkout supplement has gained a lot of hype in the fitness industry for its ability to energize athletes safely and effectively. This hype has put us to a question on what are the best top rated safe preworkouts supplements to get you going and killing your workout.

best preworkouts

An effective Preworkout supplement should be a combination of clinically tested and proven ingredients which are able to support your energy and endurance goals. We might have seen a lot of preworkouts featuring on fitness magazines and are working great for some of the athletes but breaking the ice here, we need an effective pre workout supplement that has been handpicked from the fitness community.  In order to get you closer, we have prepared a list of top rated number 1 Preworkouts that can do wonders to your workout.

1.     Pro Supps Mr. HYDE (Consumer Ratings: 4.4/5)

Need a huge boost for your workout; Pro Supps, which is the creator of this pre workout, has done a tremendous job by keeping the exact ingredients to support your energy goals. Mr. Hyde contains a heavy dose of stimulants which are mated to deliver focus and extreme energy.

best preworkout

Prime Ingredients Delivered Output
Caffeine Increased Energy and Focus
Beta Alanine Promote Endurance and Delay muscle fatigue
Agmatine Sulfate Great Pumps
Yohimbe Increased Blood flow
Creatine Promotes strength

How to take Pro Supps Mr. Hyde?

Pro Suups Mr. Hyde contains a heavy dose of stimulants with over 350 mg of caffeine, 2.5 gms of beta alanine, 500 mg Agmatine sulphate, 2 mg of yohimbe extract and 1 gms of creatine in one serving. One serving should be taken prior 20 minutes of your workout and simply be added in 300 ml of water.

Things to watch out with Pro Supps Mr. Hyde

With this effective pre workout supplement comes little side effects which can be a setback for some users for Mr. Hyde. This particular supplement contains more stimulants than a normal pre workout supplement does. It can make you feel jittery and your heart might feel pounding. The another setback reported by some of the regular users is its taste which might prove unpleasant to your taste buds.

Price of Pro Supps MR. Hyde

Amazon India Rs 3400
HealthKart Rs 4230
Ebay India Rs 3790

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2. GAT Nitraflex (Consumer Ratings: 4.2/5)

A Pre workout formulated for athletes who desire to compete harder. The GAT Nitraflex comes with an advantage of enhancing your testosterone levels and increases your strength up to 3 times. GAT Nitraflex has been among the choice of top competitors including Big Rammy and many others.

GAT Nitraflex best preworkout

Prime Ingredients Delivered Output
Caffeine Improved Energy and Focus
Beta Alanine Helps delay muscle fatigue
Citrulline Malate N.O.  Precursor
L-Arginine Improves Vascularity

How to take GAT Nitraflex?

The GAT Nitraflex comes with 7 flavors which have shown to improve your strength, focus and give you mind blasting pumps. It comes with highly concentrated proprietary blend with about 350 mg of caffeine, vasoactive precursor complex and testosterone boosting compounds. Being highly potent, only one serving is advised prior 20 minutes of a workout with 300 ml of water.

Things to watch out with GAT Nitraflex

  • GAT Nitraflex is highly potent with high dose of caffeine. Users having sensitivity towards caffeine should avoid taking this pre workout supplement.
  • It comes with a proprietary blend, which can be a downside for some of the users.
  • This particular pre workout supplement has been reported as insane and best ever tasting pre workout by their users.

Price of GAT Nitraflex

Price(Subjected to change)
Amazon India Rs 3290
HealthKart Rs 4500
Ebay India Rs 3751

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3.     Pre Kaged (Consumer Ratings: 4/5)

Dominate your workout with improved performance and intensity. Kris Gethin has introduced this revolution Pre Kaged among the fitness community which has prime ingredients to bring an adrenaline rush to your body.  This pre workout supplement is another class of pre workouts which is not made to give you a rush of energy but supplies you with consistent energy that lasts till your workout lasts.
pre kaged best pre workout

Prime Ingredients Delivered Output
Caffeine Energy and Focus
Beta Alanine Delaying muscle fatigue
L-Citrulline Nitric Oxide amplifier
Creatine Improves strength

How to take Pre Kaged?

Pre Kaged should be taken prior 15 minutes of a workout. Mix it with 300 ml of water and it tastes great. It contains  an efficacious dosage of 274 mg of caffeine, 1.6 gms of Beta-alanine, 6.5 gms of L-citrulline and 1.5 gms of creatine HCl.

Things to watch out with Pre Kaged

  • It contains little less caffeine as compared to its competitors which is exactly better to inhibit anxiety and jitters.
  • Some users love the blast of energy which their pre workouts usually offer but it is not the case of Pre-Kaged as it serves you with consistent energy.
  • It has little more L- citrulline as compared to its competitors which can be a good upside for its users.
  • Compared to its competition, it is over-priced.

Price of Pre Kaged

Price(Subjected to change)
Amazon India Rs 6999
HealthKart Rs 7200
Ebay India Rs 4899

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4.     Pre JYM (Consumer Ratings: 4.0/5)

Pre JYM has all in one advanced formula that has been scientifically proven to improve the workout. This pre-workout supplement formulation is based on no jitters, only constant energy during the workout. The makers of Pre JYM have included 13 prime ingredients to fuel athletes for an intense workout.
pre jym pre workout

Prime Ingredients Delivered Output
Caffeine Endurance
Beta Alanine Muscle strength and power
Citrulline Malate Nitric Oxide production for improved pumps
Creatine Gain strength
Taurine Impair endurance
Bcaa`s Directly consumed by muscles for energy

How to take Pre JYM?

Pre JYM contains an efficacious dosage of ingredients with 300 mg of caffeine, 2 gms of Beta Alanine, 6 gms of Citrulline Malate, 2gms of Creatine, 1 gm of Taurine and 6 gms of Bcaa`s for a more focused and intense workout. For great pumps and focus, consume one serving of this pre-workout prior 30 minutes of a workout mixed with 300 ml of water.

Things to watch out with Pre JYM

  • The advantage with Pre JYM is that its makers haven’t used any proprietary blend and have fabricate dose of every ingredient properly which can be clearly evident from a serving scoop size of 26 gms.
  • Try to avoid taking this pre workout not before 6 hours to bed; it can make you feel sleepless in night.
  • It contains a high dose of caffeine which can be an issue for caffeine sensitive individuals.

Price of Pre JYM

Price(Subjected to change)
Amazon India Not available
HealthKart Not available
Ebay India Rs 5418

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5. Dynamik Savage Roar

An intimidating pre workout which is supercharged to fuel you with untamed energy and focus of a predator. A pre-workout formulation from the legend Kai Greene will be loved by every serious athlete who is looking for extra reps with concentrated energy and focus.
kai greene savage roar

Prime Ingredients Delivered Output
Caffeine Energy and Focus
Beta Alanine Delay muscle fatigue by using up lactic acid
Citrulline Malate Improve Vasodilatation
L-Carnitine Oxidation of fat

How to take Dynamik Savage Roar?

Dynamik Savage Roar is extremely potent and we advise you to consume only half serving prior half hour of the workout. You can easily mix half serving in 300 ml of water. This extremely potent pre workout has 300 mg of Caffeine, 3.2 gms of Beta Alanine, 2.5 gms of Citrulline Malate and 500 mg of L-Carnitine.

Things to watch out with Dynamik Savage Roar

  • This pre workout contains Arecoline which is the cancer-causing compound also found in tobacco. It might energize you but can cause diarrhea and irritation in bowel movements.
  • Extremely Potent, consume a complete one serving with caution.

Price of Dynamik Savage Roar

Price(Subjected to change)
Amazon India Not available
HealthKart Not available
Ebay India Rs 3990

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These are among the top 5 pre workouts loved by our pro body builders. You can choose among these depending on your budget and ingredients. We wish to hear from you about your choice made and their reviews from our consumers.