Being a mom is the most serious profession in the world. It is not easy for any individual in the world to play all the roles simultaneously. But, a mom is someone who fulfills all the roles of her life. She takes up responsibility of her family and looks for her children in every thick and thin. She even makes a perfect balance between her job and personal life. Becoming a mom, you play all your part well but what you often neglect is your health and fitness.

mom workout

Do you know?

In USA, out of 10 homes having mother, 4 homes have working mother.

You make distance from being a fit and active person as you were few years back. You are definitely a busy mom but that would not stop you to look after yourself. After all, if you are not going to take care of your health and fitness. How will you be able to take care of your duties in coming future? You have to stay healthy to be able to do the task the same way as you are doing today.  So, what is required to stay healthy?

In order to stay healthy, you are required to indulge into a daily fitness exercise program. Keeping in mind your priorities and lack of time, we have made a ‘Mom into Fitness Workout Program’ for you.  It is a busy mom workout program in which you will be undergoing eight minutes of daily exercise to keep yourself fit and active.

Mom into Fitness Workout Program

The mom into fitness workout program is no equipment, do at home workout program. A high intensity interval training program specially designed for busy moms. Long hour gym training sessions become the thing of past.  You can achieve the same level of fitness by doing our 8 minute high intensity mom workout.

This fitness program will help you attain both weight loss and fitness goals. The mom workout includes high intensity exercises that will help you make gradual transition towards fitness. Before sharing all the exercises, let us also mention some useful tips on starting this no equipment home workout plan.

How to start with mom into fitness workout program?

mom into fitness

1.     Working out on a busy schedule

Working out on a busy schedule can be cumbersome. So it is recommended that you start your workout the first thing in the morning. You should not wait for the whole day to get all your priorities over. Because if you going to wait for the whole day, you are not going to find time for your workout. So, it is advised you start your workout early in the morning.

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2.     Make it a habit

Persistence is the key to success. If you wish to get fit and active, you should not miss a single day of your training. It is often said, if you can continue to pursue a thing for 21 days, it becomes a habit. So make it a habit to include your sweat sessions in your daily routines. Keep it as an appointment which you can`t afford to miss.

3.     Make a dedicated space at your home

It is important you make a dedicated space in your home for workout. It is true you are not going to gym and not working out on equipment for your mom workout program. But that should not let you make an excuse to training sessions. So it is required you set up a dedicated space which always give you the sense of training.

4.     Write your daily mom workout journal

A daily mom workout journal will keep you on track. You are required to write down exercises before performing it on the next day. It will help you visualize yourself working out the next day which will keep you going and stay on course.

5.     Set your goals

Goal setting is an important aspect in any workout program. The mom into fitness program is no different. You should set your goals and have written it clearly in your workout journal. You should record your daily improvements which will help you stay focussed and motivated towards your progress.

Mom into Fitness training schedule- How busy mom workout for fitness?

Under Mom into fitness training schedule, you will be working out 6 days a week followed by 1 day rest in the week. Training under mom workout plan, you will be doing interval based strength training and interval based cardio. You will be doing 4 days of strength training and 2 days of cardio training under this program.

This mom workout consists of different types of exercises. It will require you to push completely during one interval and then rest in the second interval. So how exactly you are going to do it? Let us share the outlook this workout.

The outlook behind Mom workout

The outlook is to work out for 10 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds between every exercise. This will continue until you are in the beginner level. And, when you reach in advance level, you will be working out for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds. The beginner level will last for four weeks and completion of those four weeks; you will enter into advance level.

An important Tip: You may be good at counting in your head. But you can lose your rhythm of workout if you focus on counting the time always. For this, we advise you to get yourself a Mom workout timer.

Exercises to perform under mom workout

In this section, we are sharing exercises starting from basic and going towards advance level. The exercises will be primarily divided into categories of Strength training and cardio training. To make your workout more interesting, we have included various types of exercises in both the categories. These exercises will work on your different muscle groups. So try to vary these exercises everyday in your week.

mom workout exercises

  • Basic Level of mom workout program (Week 1-Week 4):

The basic level of mom workout includes set of 8 exercises in a circuit and in total 2 circuits. The time for each circuit is of 4 minutes and you have to perform this circuit 2 times. So, the total time of your workout will be of 8 minutes.

mom workout

Basic Level exercises for mom workout:

Strength Exercises for mom workout Cardio Exercises for mom workout
Push ups

(Target muscle: chest)

Jumping Jacks
Biceps Curls

(use water bottle for weights)

High Knees

(Target muscle: Legs)

Air Punches
Forward Lunges

(Target muscle: Legs)


(If you have a skipping rope)

Side Lunges

(Target muscle: Legs)

Lateral Side Jumps
Good Mornings (Hip Hinge)

(Target muscle: Back)

Vertical Jumps
Shoulder Press

(use water bottle for weights)

Run in a place
Abs Crunches Jumping Switch foots
Flutter Kicks

(Target Muscle: Oblique)

Air front kicks

(Target muscle: Abs and Oblique)

Air side kicks
  • Advance level of mom workout program: (After 4 weeks)

The advance level of your mom workout will consist of only 4 different types of exercises in a circuit and in total 2 circuits. So how you will be doing your workout in advance level?

mom workout

Advanced Level exercises in mom workout:
Strength Exercises for mom workout Cardio Exercises for mom workout
Wide grip push ups

(Target muscle: chest)

Close grip push ups

(Target muscle: chest)

Long Jump
Biceps diamond push ups

(Target muscle: Biceps)

Faux jump with rope
Triceps Dips with a platform

(Target muscle: Triceps)

Mountain climbers
Sumo Squats

(Target muscle: Legs)

Squat Jumps
Squat pulses

(Target muscle: Legs)

Sprint on the spot
Jumping Lunges

(Target muscle: Legs)

Jump Knee Tucks

(Target muscle: Back)

Ski Hops
Inch worm

(Target muscle: Back)

Lateral Ski Jumps
Cross Crunches

(Target muscle: Upper Abs)

Butt Kicks
Reverse Crunches

(Target muscle: Lower Abs)

Defensive Slides
Scissor Kicks

(Target muscle: Oblique)

Plank Jacks
Romanian Twists

(Target muscle: Oblique)

Frog Jumps

How will you benefit from Mom into Fitness program?

Allow us to make your fitness journey more interesting. Let us tell you all the health benefits of mom into fitness program apart from just being fit and active.

Mom workout for building endurance:

Training under mom into fitness program, you will be able to gradually build your endurance. A study conducted on high intensity training suggested the efficacy of this type of training. The high intensity interval training improves your fitness quotient similar to steady state aerobic exercise in very less time. And in some cases, it has been shown much more improvement than regular workouts.

Mom workout for healthy heart:

The mom into fitness program can benefit you with a healthy heart. You can improve your cardiovascular health by doing regular high intensity workouts.

Mom workout to lose fat:

Doing regular mom workouts, you can aim to reduce your body fat while improving your muscle mass. During workouts, you enable your body to use glucose stored in cells to produce energy. This will in turn help you improve insulin sensitivity.

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Mom workout to increase metabolism:

An improved metabolism means an improved overall body functions. You will be sure to boost your metabolism by including mom into fitness program into your daily regime.

Mom workout to avoid future medical conditions:

A woman is prone to lot of medical conditions as her age increases. It is said that the cells of a woman body degrades at a much faster rate. And, if you are living in a stressed and sedentary lifestyle, you are on a verge of developing various health issues in coming future.

A lot of women suffers from being overweight, having medical conditions like PCOS, infertility, struggling with thyroid health, and osteoporosis. You can simply avoid all these future medical conditions by adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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The Bottom line

Incorporating these simple exercises in your busy life will surely help you change your life for better. There may be times, things don`t go as you have planned in your day. But it is important for you to stay spontaneous with your workouts and gradually make it into your lifestyle. Health is something that you can`t afford to put on back seat.