How to lose weight fast at home is the most searched question on the internet. People are looking for best solutions to lose weight fast at a comfort of their home without having any equipment. Losing weight has become a necessity as our lifestyle has become sedentary. This lifestyle has become a root cause of many health related problems. We hardly find any time to do an active workout. This leads to getting more and more people obese day by day. If you wish to lose weight fast, we will be helping you with exercise to lose weight at home without equipment. 

exercise to lose weight at home without equipment

Losing weight effectively is little science which includes a proper workout regime, a healthy balanced diet with calculated macro nutrients. You can reduce your weight quickly if you stick to both the workout regime and the diet strictly.

A proper workout serves as a foundation for a healthy weight loss program. Working out doesn`t necessarily need the gym or any other workout facility, you can also consider doing exercise to lose weight at home without equipment. There can be chances you feel shy going to the gym but losing weight is always on your mind. Still, you might have tried working out at home but the lack of equipment put a halt to your weight loss battle.

Keeping all the factors in our mind and doing justice with your weight loss need, we have prepared a list of top performing exercises to do at home to lose weight fast without equipment.

Exercise to lose weight at home without equipment- Quick tips and pre-requisites

We advise you to have a proper discipline while working out at home. Working out at home is comfortable but don’t let it too comfortable for you that you can`t push yourself much in a workout.

  • A good environment is very important for a good workout. You can choose to have a terrace or even a secluded room for the same. Don`t keep yourself too much distracted.
  • Preparing the proper ambiance is necessary. An open terrace in morning is a good to go place. But, however, if you are planning to work out in a room, proper lights are highly advised.
  • Switch off all the gadgets that can distract you from your workout. However, you can play some good energy music on your television or any other gadget to keep you motivated for your goal.
  • Keep a workout towel handy to dry your sweat comfortably.
  • Invest in a good quality yoga mat to support your workout.
  • A Shaker or a water bottle to keep you hydrated.
  • Pre-workout nutrition is highly important to energize your workout. A pre-workout meal can consist of the carbohydrates like a brown bread, an apple; the proteins, consider having peanut butter and a little of stimulants like caffeine to have a focus on your workout. However, you can also add a cup of coffee in this case.

Felt motivated for your weight loss program. Let us start the program on exercise to lose weight at home without equipment. We will be sharing this program for individuals who wish to begin their journey of weight loss, individuals who are at intermediate level and also for those who are already at an advanced level.

Before going directly to the program, let us make you aware of the exercises you will be going to perform within the program.

A Basic guide to exercise to lose weight at home without equipment

1.     Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jacks have shown to have larger benefits from just being losing weight. This plyometrics exercise has been shown very effective and is greatly included in various training programs including boot camps to circuit training sessions. This exercise serves benefits including various aerobic benefits, helps you gain strength, and provides a great stress buster.

exercise to lose weight at home without equipment

How to Perform Jumping Jacks:

  1. Start in a standing position with your feet altogether.
  2. Jump outwards and raise both your hands upwards doing a clap.
  3. Jump back immediately to the starting position.

This exercise is also very effective in targeting the fat stored on your legs and can do great wonder to those who are struggling with fat stored in their quadriceps muscles.

2. Free Squats:

Squats have outperformed all the functional exercises for weight loss. Trainers highly advise to include squats in your weight loss programs as it gives you great strength and mobility, which is also recommended to prevent future related injuries. It also helps in boosting your run and leg strength which is required in all our day to day activities.

exercise to lose weight at home without equipment

How to perform Free Squats?

  1. Start by standing on your feet by spacing them at about your shoulder length.
  2. Be cautious to keep your spine in a neutral position and your knees in line with your feet.
  3. Now, slowly try to bend your knees and then hips making a sitting position. And, return to the first position after that.

A good tip here is not to take your knees ahead of toes while in a sitting position. Also, try to keep your head up and abs tight.

3.     Burpees:

Burpees are one of the best without equipment exercise that can give you an edge in losing a lot of your sweat. It works on your entire body and can give you great fat burning results. It is a high-intensity exercise and is sure the best performing exercise to burn fat at home without equipment.

exercise to lose weight at home without equipment

How to perform Burpees correctly?

  1. Start the burpees with a standing position.
  2. Jump down into a squat position by moving both your hands outwards on the ground and making a push-up position.
  3. Move up again to squat position and jump back to standing position.

A beginner can also perform burpees properly by understanding the position as first by doing a push-up and then making a jump in the air.

4. Mountain Climbers:

Incorporating the mountain climber in your fat burning program is both fun and effective in losing the extra kilos of your body. It is an explosive no equipment exercise aims to strengthen the abdominal muscles and toning the lower body.

exercise to lose weight at home without equipment

How to do mountain climbers?

  1. Start with a plank position
  2. Now, move one of your knees towards your chest and return rapidly.
  3. Do the same exact movement with another leg and return to the first position rapidly.

Mountain Climber is a callisthenic exercise movement works both on the cardiovascular and the muscular strength.

5. Side Lunges

Side Lunges are a type of unique lower body strengthening exercise. It helps you to lose excess weight and fat from the most difficult area that is the lower portion of your body. It effectively works on your hips, thighs, and glutes.

exercise to lose weight at home without equipment

How to do Side Lunges?

  1. Keep your body low.
  2. Take a lateral step to the right keeping your toe pointing forward
  3. Extend your left leg and push your weight on the right leg.
  4. Flex your hips and knees and do a side lunge.

Always, keep your head and chest in a correct posture while doing the side lunges. You should be cautious with your posture and with your spine to be in a neutral position.

These are the very basic exercise to lose weight at home without equipment. By basic, we refer to the ease by which you can perform these exercise and get rid of your extra weight. We certainly believe in keeping things easy for our readers so that they can reach their goal faster and will be able to perform these simple exercises. Let us now make you a quick program including these weight loss exercises to make your weight loss more efficient.

Start by warming up your body by doing a little stretching. After that, perform three simple set of the below-mentioned circuit. Take a 10-second rest between every other exercise and 30-second rest between every circuit. The rest period includes deep breathing in which you will be breathing deep in and out through the nose and not from the mouth. Now, let us start our program with exercise to lose weight at home without equipment.

A Simple Program for Beginners (3 circuits):

10x Side Lunges

10x Free Squats

5x Burpees

20x Mountain Climbers

10x Jumping Jacks

After you start feeling comfortable with the above circuit and wish to take your weight loss to a next level, proceed to next program for intermediates.

A Basic Program for Intermediates (5 Circuits):

10x Burpees

25x Jumping Jacks

20x Side Lunges

30x Free Squats

10x Mountain Climbers

In order to achieve an advanced level of weight loss, we advise you to follow the below-mentioned circuit.

An Advance Program for weight Loss (3 Circuits):

20x Burpees

50x Free Squats

20x Jumping Jacks

25x Side Lunges

15x Mountain Climbers.

A weight loss battle is incomplete without the second tool that is “The Nutrition.” If you are able to get a proper nutrition with the complete required macronutrients, a healthy weight loss will be the result of this program. We have prepared a simple diet plan for you to get maximum weight loss results. You can also consider adding a fat burner to your workout plan if you wish to get an extra edge and a support for your weight loss battle.