Desired to have a great butt, but the fat stored on your hips is making it troublesome for you to fit into your skinny jeans. If achieving an hourglass shape between your waist and hips is continuously on your mind and you are looking for the best exercises on how to reduce hips, then our further article will help you achieve your desire with efficacy.

how to reduce hips

We totally understand your need and we are also exposed to the fact that the thought of losing hip fat is giving you nightmares. How to reduce hips is the most often searched topic on the internet and our women have largely affected by this problem. It is not actually a problem; it is a tendency of a female body to develop extra fat around thigh and butt area. The simple reason for this can be concluded that a woman has been blessed with a miracle of giving birth. So that extra fat is very crucial for both the growing fetus and the woman. However, there can be other issues also that relates to the hip fat including a Hormonal imbalance in females that we will cover in our next edition.

In our further article, you will be learning about top 5 ultimate exercises on How to reduce hips and get yourself gifted with perfect curves. However, these ultimate exercises are not only targeted to women but also for our man who wishes to have a great butt.

How to reduce hips? Top 5 Ultimate Exercises on reducing hip fat

Working out your hip fat can greatly increase your metabolic rate. The hip muscles are the biggest muscles in our body and serve major movements like moving you up, down, backward and forward. It`s time to work out the hip fat and perform the moves for a better and a solid butt. The following exercises on hip fat require no equipment and can be done at home easily.

1. Reverse Lunges:

The reverse lunges are the great way to hit the stubborn hip fat. It works greatly on strengthening your glutes muscle and providing toned lower body. It can even be performed by those who fear from bad knees.

how to reduce hips by reverse lunges

How to reduce hips fat by reverse lunges?

  1. Stand your feet hip apart and tighten your core for stability.
  2. Now, move your right leg backward and try to lower your body until your front knee makes a 90 degrees angle to the ground.
  3. You will notice the other leg of yours is nearly touching the ground.
  4. Move back to starting position and perform the same movement with another leg for recommended repetitions.

2. Lying Leg Raise:

Lying Leg Raise has always been great in achieving a toned butt. It works your hip fat dynamically from all the angles and is sure not to be a missed exercise when working your butt off.

how to reduce hips by inverted leg raise

How to reduce hips by Lying Leg Raise?

  1. Lie down on your stomach by resting your forehead on your arms.
  2. Raise your left leg first by squeezing your glutes.
  3. Try to hold your raised leg as high as possible for maximum resistance and then slowly move back to rest position.
  4. Mimic the same movement with your right leg.

3. Jump Squats:

The Jump Squat is a Plyometric exercise that targets your butt and hamstrings effectively. Jumping and squeezing your butt with jump squats is sure to fire your stubborn fat.

how to reduce hips by jump squats

How to reduce hips with Jump Squats?

  1. Stand on your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Pull your elbows back in a straight line with your body by placing your hands behind your head.
  3. Now slowly push your hips back and bending knees.
  4. Bend till your knees make a 90 degrees angle and your thighs come parallel to the ground.
  5. Hold the movement for 3 seconds and then jump upwards as high as you can.
  6. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the movement for required repetitions.

4. Step up Knee Lift:

Step up Knee lift is a strength building movement that works your hip fat pretty fast. It acts on various muscles groups of your lower body at the same time and you only end having a great toned lower body with this one.

How to reduce hips by step up knee lift

How to reduce hips with Step up Knee lift?

  1. Stand shoulder width apart.
  2. Move forward by placing your right feet on the stepper and lifting your left knee upwards.
  3. Move back to starting position and repeat the same movement with left leg on the stepper and right knee upwards.
  4. Return back again to starting position and repeat the movement for recommended repetitions.

5. Hip Bridge:

Hip Bridge is a lazy move to work your Butt perfectly. This is one great move to activate posterior muscle particularly the hamstrings and the glutes.

how to reduce hip by hip bridge

How to reduce hips with Hip Bridge?

  1. Start by lying flat on a ground and for this we advise you to use a yoga mat to support your back.
  2. Invert your legs making a V between your legs and hips.
  3. Raise your back by squeezing your glutes and keep yourself raised for at least for at least three seconds.
  4. Return your back to the normal position parallel to the ground.

The above-mentioned exercises are the most effective and fastest way to reduce your hip fat. Many and more persons are taking advantages of these great exercises. You can also couple your fat loss journey with a fat loss diet and can get effective results.  The main advantage of these mentioned exercises is that it doesn’t require you to go to the gym and buy any equipment for the exercise. All these can be done in the comfort of your home easily.

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