For most people, weight loss is proving to be a nightmare of all times. You might have tried everything to lose weight or you must be looking for the best solution to get to your best shape before your beach party comes to a complete end. Losing weight fast can now be possible for you with Ketogenic Diet for weight loss.

ketogenic diet for weight loss

If you wish to lose weight, you have to plan the macros you currently intake in your diet. Planning macros is a bit of science if you are looking for losing weight effectively.  Macros generally include amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats in your diet. You need to determine the right type of macros and more importantly the number of macros, you will be consuming in your diet to get the desired output from your weight loss diet.

An Introduction to Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

The term Ketogenic sounds a bit of task that you have to do to lose weight. Making it simpler for you; a High Fat, an Adequate Protein and relatively Low Carbohydrate diet contributes exactly to the Ketogenic Diet for weight loss. Ketosis weight loss diet works by lowering down your insulin levels and producing ketones making your body burn fat at an increased rate.

How Ketogenic Diet promotes weight loss?

Our bodies are designed to break down the ingested food to convert it into energy.  The food we ingest has been broken down by our body to create ATP energy which is responsible for fuelling our daily activities. Our diet comprises of carbohydrates primarily which when ingested has been broken down to glucose and further, some of the glucose is used for maintenance and daily activities. The rest glucose is stored by our body under two processes:

  1. Glycogenesis: In this, glucose further breaks down to glycogen and is stored in liver and muscle.
  2. Lipogenesis: In this state, our body has enough glycogen stores already, so the excess glycogen gets stored within fat cells of our body.

An interesting thing to note here is if we limit our body from carbohydrates, then our body has only chance of producing energy from either our fat cells or from the available glycogen stores as we are limiting our body from new carbohydrates.

And what if all the glycogen gets consumed and no new carbohydrates are not available. Our body then will produce ketones to produce energy by utilising energy from our fat cells and then our body will get into a state which we term as “Ketosis.”

What to check before starting a Keto Diet Plan?

It`s time you forgot those saggy big bellies running over your jeans and it is the high time you start taking your health on priority checklist. So, let us first make you aware of the pre-requisites before going on a Ketones Diet Plan.

Ketones diet is usually not suitable for persons with existing medical conditions like heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes can prove fatal to some patients if keto diet plan is not incorporated under proper guidance.

a.      Ketogenic diet can affect the Kidneys:

When going on a Keto Diet Plan, you have to cut carbohydrates, increase healthy fat intake and also ingest a high amount of protein. During the Keto diet, the formation of excess ketones in the blood can affect kidneys making them work more to excrete Potassium, sodium and calcium which can lead to electrolyte loss in the body and can also affect other main functions of the kidney.

b.      Ketogenic diet can cause serious illness in low blood pressure patients:

Loss of electrolyte is a common concern during a ketosis diet. This lost electrolyte can lead to a loss in blood pressure which can prove to be a life-threatening risk to pre-existing low blood pressure patients.

c.       Ketogenic diet can charge some diabetics patients extremely bad:

Ketogenic Diet can cause a possible threat to some diabetic patients resulting in a state called as “Ketoacidosis”. This state occurs mostly with patients having type 1 diabetes. Their bodies can`t generate enough insulin for their cells to absorb glycogen for energy production.

Similarly, in absence of carbohydrates during a keto diet, the body breakdowns fats to produce ketones in blood to generate energy. If these ketones generated in higher number can result in lowering the pH of blood making it acidic which can cause serious life threats.

Side effects associated with Ketosis Diet Plan

a. The Keto Flu:

The most common side effect associated with people employing Ketosis diet plan experience mild headaches, lethargic body and some signs of nausea. However this Keto Flu can occur only for first three weeks after starting Ketosis diet. The prime reason for this is low carbohydrate in the diet. Initially, our system relies upon carbohydrates for energy and now we have limited its supply. The body has to adapt and change its primary source of energy from carbohydrates to fats.

b. Cramping in legs:

Cramping in legs is a minor concern but sometimes the pain is so prevalent that it is unavoidable. The main cause of this pain is because of the loss of minerals like magnesium due to the formation of ketones in the blood. You can simply avoid this if you keep a note of the hydration of body well. And, replenish your body with proper electrolytes and minerals.

Still not relieved from pain, try these few magnesium supplements.

c. Constipation:

Constipation is very common in persons going on a Keto diet for the first time. Introducing something new to the body may take some time to adapt and during the process, you feel your stomach killing you. In order to keep the body hydrated, the body absorbs the water from the colon and you end up getting constipated. Adding right amounts of fiber can help you prevent constipation. You have to be careful where your fiber comes from? It should primarily come from vegetables, nuts, and not from the fruits because it can mess with your state of ketosis.

You can also include drinking salted water two times a day to reduce constipation. Including MCT Oill in Keto Diet has also shown to ease the constipation.

d. Unpleasant breath:

Unpleasant breath occurs when your body has started burning fat and entered completely into ketosis. This unpleasant breath is a result of a ketone named as Acetone which enters into breath and gives a metallic taste breath. However, it goes off generally after some time.

But still, if you feel unpleasant, you can try mint fresheners for a fresh minty breath.

Keto Diet results for Weight Loss

The chance of losing weight after incorporating the keto diet has a very high success ratio of taking you to your desired finish line. It is the favourite diet for most bodybuilders and physique athletes who wish to reach to lowest fat percentages and even keeping the good muscle retention. Despite many bad reviews about Ketosis diet, once you will incorporate it effectively, you will end up having all the positive results.

  • Your body fat percentages can get relatively lower to the level you haven’t even thought before this diet.
  • You can get an extremely clear and stable energy.
  • With this diet, your muscle retention will likely to improve to good extents.
  • Water Retention in your body will greatly be reduced.
  • It can even help patients with type 2 diabetes by regulating their insulin levels.

Few Things to take care while incorporating Ketogenic diet for weight loss

a. Check for blood glucose levels on a regular basis:

The Ketogenic diet can greatly help reduce your blood glucose but we don`t want these levels to go down beyond normal. So, it should be under check on a regular basis. The normal blood glucose levels for a healthy male and female adult should range less than 100 mg/dl on fasting and not more than 140 mg/dl after two hours of the meal. We advise you to have a blood glucose monitor handy before starting a keto diet plan.

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b. An eye has to be kept closely on the Blood Pressure:

A low carbohydrate diet can greatly reduce your blood pressure due to lost electrolytes. And if you fail to replenish your lost electrolyte, you can end having low blood pressure resulting in serious threats. A normal blood pressure for a healthy adult can range from 120/80(mm/hg). However, we advise you to keep a Blood Pressure monitor handy when on a ketogenic diet.

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c. Keep a check of Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN):

There are concerns related to kidneys while on a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet and already we previously discussed “Ketoacidosis” in diabetic patients, we advise you to get your Blood Urea Nitrogen diagnosed on regular intervals while following a Ketosis diet.  The normal BUN ranges from 6 to 25.

What are the Best Keto Diet Supplements?

a. Caffeine:

You might feel low on energy and very lethargic during initial few weeks of starting a keto diet. Adding caffeine can possibly give you quick needed punch to energise your workouts.

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b. MCT Oil:

During the Ketogenic diet for weight loss, you will need a good source of fats and MCT Oil serves the purpose well. MCT Oil provides a good amount of healthy fat i.e. 14 Grams per tablespoon.

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c. Omega 3:

Supplementing with Omega 3 can be a positive step in enhancing the keto diet results. It serves various functions including anti- inflammatory effects, improving kidney functions and keeping cardiovascular health sound.

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d.  L-Carnitine:

L- carnitine is among the favourite supplements for the ketogenic dieters. If you are planning to go on a ketogenic diet, L carnitine is more than important as it serves as an element for the formation of ketones in the liver.

Best L- Carnitine Supplements suitable for Ketogenic Diet

e. HMB:

HMB (Beta-Hydroxy Beta-methylbutric acid) serves as an Anti catabolic agent during the ketosis diet. It can benefit the keto dieter to achieve ketosis state with maximum muscle retention.

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Conclusion to Ketogenic Diet- An effective diet for weight loss

The Ketosis diet can prove to be a miracle for individuals looking to shed fat and lose weight. This diet is among the most effective diet in order to achieve ultra ripped physiques with lowest fat ratio while losing the minimum possible muscle mass. We advise you to incorporate this diet under proper guidance and with extreme caution keeping all the knowledge handy that we have shared with you.  We wish to hear your fat loss stories and your experiences with ketosis diet.