Many a times you have heard the words like steroid, roid or juices and the same time you get tempted to use them. But let me ask you what is the reason behind that you want to use steroids?

Did you want to get bigger in terms of muscle gains?

Are you eager to get big as soon as possible?

Maybe you have the same desires, I`ve mentioned above. But have you ever thought what are steroids and what can they do to your bodies. Probably it may have certain side effects on your body. Personally, if I would say Bodybuilding is science that you have to learn before you achieve your desired aim. In further discussion, you will learn the science behind steroids and whether you will be using steroids or not?

What are steroids

Introduction to Anabolic Steroids

The word Anabolic refers to growth of skeletal muscles which is usually termed as Anabolic Effect. Likewise, the Anabolic steroids are the synthetic substances that promote your anabolic growth.  The Anabolic Steroids had came into play in 1930`s. They were fabricated to treat various diseases. A lot of studies have also shown that the use of anabolic steroid help in building cellular tissue in muscles by muscle protein synthesis. They are also capable of augmenting strength, endurance and stamina.

How Anabolic Steroids can help you in muscle building?

You might have now understood the effect of Anabolic Steroids that it helps you gain muscles mass but the question that arises is how? What is the science behind it? Whether it is some kind of miracle? Well you can say that it is a miracle but the miracle of science.

You might have heard the stories of athletes and bodybuilders who use steroids to enhance their performance in their respective sports. It might be gaining muscle mass for bodybuilders or it may be getting endurance for a basket ball player. But let us make our discussion in the regard of gaining muscle.

How Steroids gain muscle

Anabolic steroids are similar to testosterone hormone but they are synthetic and more effective. They lead to gains in muscle mass and help improving physical performance. They work in two ways, firstly by increasing production of proteins in muscles and secondly, by blocking the effect of the Cortisol hormone on muscle which leads to slow rate of muscle broke down.

Surely, the Anabolic Steroids have an advantage associated to it but then what is that, which makes it having a bad reputation among masses. As the science behind making big bodies is somewhat limited, many novices use them without proper consultancy or maybe as a trial without understanding the fact that if these are taken without proper knowledge and guidance, they can do much harm than doing better.  It is a common practice many of you have also seen that under the peer pressure, many newbie start their steroidal cycles in the hunt to get big muscles in a shortest possible span of time. But let me make this very clear, the results which are achieved in small span of time always disappeared in short time.

What are Steroid Side Effects?

Many of the people use steroids without proper knowledge and awareness. Such a people often tend to risk their health by taking high doses of steroids, thinking that it will help them achieve better results. But they forgot the fact that these also have a lot of side effects associated to it instead of just increasing your muscle mass.

Side Effects of Steroids

Effects in man include

  1. Reduction in Sperm count
  2. Reduction in size of testicles
  3. Pattern Baldness
  4. Development of Breast
  5. Prostate Enlargement
  6. Severe Acne

Effects in Women include

  1. Facial and Body Hair Growth
  2. Deepening in Voice
  3. Swelling in Clitoris
  4. Breast Loss
  5. Menstruation Problems
  6. Severe Acne

In addition to these listed side effects, it can also cause much severe side effects like:

  1. Heart Attack
  2. Tumour in Kidney or Liver
  3. Blood Cancer
  4. Fluid Retention
  5. High Blood Pressure
  6. Hallucinations

Let me ask you a simple question what will you do if your steroids gone wrong? The best way to avoid this situation is to get proper information about everything on steroid before you use any of them. The steroid which you going to start are able to get you desired results or not. What precautions you should take before starting your steroid cycle. The most important aspect in using these steroids is the Post Cycle Therapy which is generally known as washing of steroids. You should be clear to this fact that if you are using steroid you should do a post cycle therapy after its use otherwise you surely is creating your health prone to steroids side effects.  However, if you have any query or want to share your experience with the use of steroids, we will be much happy to share it with the rest of world. You can simply comment below.