You are trying to get pregnant from years and nothing has seem to have worked for you. Something is wrong with your body. Your doctor is prescribing you fertility drugs but it is also not going good with your body. You have already spent a lot of your fortune on these drugs and the other infertility treatments are also costly.

It is time you switch to a much safer and herbal approach to boost fertility. There are different types of fertility tea for getting pregnant are available today. These contains the right dose of powerful herbs that boost fertility. The Fertility Teas are the most used and powerful fertility product to deal with female infertility.

Fertility Tea if you are trying to get pregnant

You can utilize the power of these natural fertility tea for getting pregnant. Drinking these fertility teas can increase your chance if you are trying to conceive or looking to improve fertility.
Fertility Tea
Many mothers who were earlier trying to conceive and had fertility problems are now using some fertility tea for getting pregnant. The concept of fertility tea is not new and has been around for 2500 years [1]. Woman over centuries in different regions have been using certain herbal Teas that have medicinal properties to boost fertility.

Chaste Berry Fertility Tea

Chaste Tree Berry Tea (Vitex Tea) is one such powerful tea that can help you regain your lost hormonal balance. You can improve your fertility by using this powerful and century old herbal tea.  Include a Chaste Tree Berry Tea in your day if you are suffering from any kind of hormonal imbalance.

Chaste Berry Fertility Tea

Consuming the right amount of Vitex tea helps your Pituitary Gland to work optimally and balance the hormones. Increased Prolactin and Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH) are the common cause of infertility.

Drinking this Herbal Tea can boost fertility in women by mildly inhibiting the production of both these hormones [2]. Vitex is very effective in increasing the Lutenizing Hormone (LH) and Progesterone levels which are necessary for you to become pregnant [3].

Who should drink Chaste Berry Fertility Tea?

You should consider drinking Chaste Berry Tea if you are suffering from any of the following cause of infertility.

  1. Lack of Menstruation or Irregular Menstruation
    If you are suffering from lack of Menstruation or Amenorrhea, you can aim to improve your condition by using Vitex Fertility Tea for at least 6 months. Also, it can help you balance your irregular periods.
  2. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
    Drinking Vitex Tea can help you relieve from the symptoms of PMS. These generally include Acnes, Allergies, Breast Sensitivity, Headache and Depression within three months of its use.
  3. Miscarriage
    Vitex Tea is great to recover your body from the hormonal imbalance caused by miscarriage. Drink this tea for at least two months to see your hormone regaining their balance.
  4. Cysts In Ovaries
    If cysts are growing in your ovaries, the Vitex Tea can help you reduce the size of your cysts. Consuming this fertility tea reduces the dominance of estrogen in your body thus reducing the production of cysts.
  5. Menstruation Balancing after Birth Pills
    If you are prior taking birth pills, consuming vitex tea for several months can help in balancing your menstruation cycle.

Things to watch out with Chaste Berry Fertility Tea

  • Don`t consume this fertility tea if you are younger than 18.
  • Cycle this tea as a 25 day on and a 5 Day off Period for minimizing the attenuation effect of this herb on your Pituitary Gland. Also, stop consuming this tea after 6 months of use. If you wish to start this again, start only after a gap of 6 months.
  • The Best time to drink this tea is in the morning. Drink it the first thing in morning before breakfast.
  • It is always advisable to consume this tea in your Follicular phase or before ovulation period. You can plan a 5 day off for this tea during your periods.
  • You may experience headache, nausea and stomach upset during the starting phase of this tea. These side effects will vanish over time.

 Stinging Nettle Fertility Tea

The next comes on the list is the Stinging Nettle Fertility Tea. This herbal tea is fortified with lots of essential minerals and vitamins which are beneficial in restoring your complete health. This fertility tea is often prescribed by many herbalists and is listed as a complete Uterine Tonic. It works great in preparing your body if you are trying to get pregnant.

Stinging Nettle Fertility Tea

It contains various minerals like Calcium, Sulphur, Iron, Potassium and Phosphorous. The vitamins like Vitamin A, C, D and K are also present in abundance in this tea [4]. It not only provides nourishment to your uterus but also works great to strengthen your Kidney and Adrenal Gland. The other benefit of drinking this herbal tea promotes cardiovascular health, has anti-inflammatory benefits and supports Thyroid health [5].

Who should drink Stinging Nettle Fertility Tea?

You should drink this fertility tea if you are looking for following benefits to boost your fertility.

  1. Improve Adrenal Health
    Your Adrenal gland plays an important role in keeping your body fertile [6] [7]. The adrenal gland in your body is responsible for countering stress in your body. When you are suffering from infertility and hormonal imbalance, your body goes through a lot of stress.  This can cause complications in your pregnancy. Drinking Stinging Nettle Tea has shown to improve your adrenal health and kidney function.
  2. Relief from Endometriosis
    Endometriosis is a painful medical condition which impacts your fertility [8]. You may experience different symptoms if you are having trouble with your uterus due to endometriosis [9]. The Stinging Nettle Tea is best to restore your uterine health and avoid complications in your pregnancy.

Things to watch out with Stinging Fertility Tea

  • Drink this tea prior to conception to prepare your body for sustained pregnancy. The recommended dose of this tea is two to three servings a day and not exceeding 5 gram per serving.
  • You should avoid drinking this tea during the conception as it can stimulate uterine contractions and can cause miscarriage[10]. However, you can start this again in your lactation period as it ensures sufficient milk supply [11].
  • Avoid this tea if you have a condition of Type 1 Diabetes or Hypoglycemia as this herbal tea can reduce your blood sugar levels.
  • Stinging Nettle Tea is diuretic by nature and can increase your flow of urine. If you are having issues with Kidney, consult your doctor before starting this.
  • You can initially experience stomach upset and diarrhea on starting of this tea. But it will fade away in sometime. Always start with fewer servings.

Red Raspberry Leaf Fertility Tea

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is an herbal treasure tea to help you get pregnant.  It is among the popular fertility products which can help you prepare for the pregnancy and for inducing the labor. This herbal tea is high on Cartenoids which is very helpful in boosting fertility[12]. It works by enhancing your ovarian functions and synthesis of Progesterone[13].

Red Raspberry Fertility Tea

There are a lot of Red Raspberry Leaf tea fertility success stories. Drinking this herbal tea helps you prepare your uterus which is very important for inducing labor. It works by strengthening and toning the lining of your uterus thus decreasing the duration and discomfort of your labor.

Who should drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

You should drink this fertility tea if you have occurred to any of these conditions.

  1. Heavy Bleeding during Periods
    The Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is high on iron and can help you during heavy bleeding in your periods. This Tea helps you with contraction and shrinkage in your body tissues which can prevent heavy bleeding. Moreover, it is rich in iron content which can counter anaemia due to excessive blood loss.
  2. Miscarriage
    It is important to restore your body`s health after a miscarriage. Drinking this tea improve and strengthen your uterine so you are able sustain a pregnancy in future.
  3. PCOS
    If you are having problems in getting pregnant with PCOS, this Tea can benefit you in million ways.  You can think of getting pregnant with PCOS by introducing this tea into your daily routine.
  4. Overdue Pregnancy
    If you have passed the 36 weeks or the normal course of pregnancy and still labor hasn`t have started. Drinking this Tea is the best way to go into labor though there is no exact evidence. You can also use Evening Primrose Oil with this tea for going into labor [14].

Things to watch out with Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Drink this tea 3-6 months before you are trying to conceive. Avoid this tea till your pregnancy got established. You can drink this tea in 2nd trimester as it will help your body to prepare for labor.
  • A 2.4 gram serving per day is enough to see the benefits of this tea on your body.
  • Use this tea with caution as it can induce premature labor if used in wrong trimester.

Red Clover Fertility Tea

Red Clover Tea is a pretty new fertility herb to help you improve fertility and cope with post menopause symptoms. Drinking this infusion tea provides detoxification and improves liver function of your body. Both of which are necessary for getting pregnant and supporting the pregnancy. A healthy liver and wholesome body contributes towards a good reproductive health.

Red Clover Fertility Tea

This herbal tea contains good amount of Calcium and Magnesium which promotes fertility and fetus health. Red Clover Tea has also shown to improve blood circulation in the body. Proper supply of blood around genitals is necessary for proper reproductive function.

Who should use Red Clover Tea?

You can consider adding this herbal tea if you are experiencing any of these medical conditions.

  1. Post menopause Conditions
    The Red Clover Tea has shown to control post menopause symptoms which includes low mineral bone density, hot flashes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other heart related concerns [15]. It contains isoflavones which after menopause have positive effect on controlling conditions occurred due to low estrogen [16].
  2. Cholestasis
    This fertility Tea is also effective in treating a rare condition of Cholestasis. This condition make you experience severe itching in last trimester of your pregnancy. During this condition your flow bile got affected. It happens as your liver function is disrupted due to increased amount of pregnancy hormones in the body.
  3. Blocked Fallopian Tube
    Red Clover Tea is very effective in helping you unblock Fallopian tubes naturally. It can help you with irregular menstruation and during the scarring of Fallopian tubes.
  4. PMS
    Red Clover Tea works great in balancing your hormones during pre menstruation as it contains phytoestrogens, an estrogen producing hormones. You can expect to counter various symptoms like menstrual cramps, sore breasts and mood swings.

Things to watch out with Red Clover Tea

  • Avoid this tea when you are pregnant or while breastfeeding as it can disturb your hormonal balance during pregnancy.
  • Don`t consume more than 4 gram serving of this tea in one day.
  • This tea takes up to 3 months or 12 weeks to show its complete efficacy.
  • It can cause side effects in patients with history of breast cancer.
  • Red Clover herb has blood thinning effects and should be avoided by individuals having blood clotting issues.

Maca Root Fertility Tea

Maca Root Tea is a nourishing herbal tonic which improves your fertility. It contains different types of phytonutrients and minerals which is great for improving your endocrine health. A healthy endocrine system means better reproductive health. Drinking this Tea can help you get pregnant the natural way which can shy away many expensive fertility treatments.

Maca Root Fertility Tea

The Maca Tea contains Glucosinolates which promotes hormonal balance in your body [17]. These Glucosinolates support your pituitary glands to work optimally. If your pituitary gland is working optimally, you can expect a good estrogen and progesterone balance in your body. This ratio is very important to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Who should use Maca Tea?

You should use Maca Tea if you are experiencing these conditions.

  1. Reduced Sexual Desire
    Drinking Maca Tea for 6 weeks is sure to boost your libido.  An increased libido can help you revive your lost sexual desire.
  2. Menopause Problems
    Maca Tea can help you alleviate the symptoms associated with Menopause. These generally include low bone density, hot flashes, mood swings and sleeping disorders.
  3. Lack of Nutrition
    Maca is a superfood herb which can provide you with dense nutrition. One serving of Maca can fill you with lots of protein, carbohydrates and Fiber. Also, this herb contains 7 essential amino acids which are shown to improve your overall health.
  4. Reduced Liver Function
    This herbal tea contains Glutathione which can improve your liver health.  Gluathione is a sulfur rich amino acid that can restore your liver health. It also helps your body to fight with harmful free radicals and protect your cell health.
  5. Irritated Mood and Low energy Levels
    Maca contains natural fatty acids which have shown to improve your mood and mental function. Also, you can expect good energy levels if you are drinking this tea.

Things to watch out with Maca Tea

  • Avoid drinking this tea if you have an overactive Thyroid gland. Maca is shown to increase the iodine content in your body which can worse your problem of Hyperthyroidism.
  • If you have any issues related to estrogen sensitivity in your body, avoiding this tea is advised. You should not drink this tea if you have endometriosis, breast cancer and uterine fibroids.
  • You should use a gelatinized version of this tea and stay away from using non gelatine versions. The non gelatine version can be harsh on your digestive system.
  • Always start with less servings of this tea. Start with a 5 gram serving in your day and go up to max two servings per day. Taking a break for at least two months is necessary after its continued use of 6 months.

Dong Quai Fertility Tea

Dong Quai Tea is a powerful herbal fertility product if you are trying to conceive. It works by strengthening your uterus and balancing your hormones. Drinking Dong Quai Tea improves your blood circulation around your pelvic area which promotes menstrual regularity.

Dong Quai Fertility Tea

This herbal Tea contains array of vitamins and minerals which also includes Vitamin B12, Iron and Folic acid. These are crucial vitamins and minerals which improve fertility and are important especially when you are trying to conceive. The iron content in this Tea also boosts your red blood cells which can act as a saviour during heavy menstrual flow.

Who should use Dong Quai Tea?

You should incorporate Dong Quai Tea if you are undergoing these symptoms.

  1. Anaemia
    This Herbal Tea is enriched with Iron content which can increase your red blood cells. It can be very helpful for you if you are anaemic and have iron deficiency.
  2. Low Haemoglobin Content
    Drinking this wonderful fertility tea can increase your Haemoglobin content. The Dong Quai Tea contains cobalt which is known to increase haemoglobin in your blood [18].
  3. Body Toxicity
    This Fertility Tea can reduce fertility problems by reducing toxicity of your body by increasing white blood cells. It boosts your immunity and detox your liver which simply means reduced toxicity. If your toxicity is reduced, you have more chances of getting pregnant.
  4. Uterine Pain
    Uterine Pain is common if you have conditions of Amenorrhea (Absence of Periods) and Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menstruation). Drinking this Tea can alleviate your uterus pain as it improves blood circulation around your pelvic area.
  5. Menopause Problems
    Dong Quai has shown some evidences in which it has helped women to treat menopause symptoms. This herbal tea has the ability to increase low levels of Estrogen. It is very helpful for treating conditions due to estrogen deficiency.

Things to watch out with Dong Quai Tea

  • You should avoid drinking this tea during menstruation when you are experiencing heavy blood flow.
  • Avoid this Tea if you have conditions related to estrogen dominance which includes Breast Cancer, uterine Cancer, Fibroids and Endometriosis.
  • Dong Quai should not be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding your baby.
  • It is known to cause blood thinning which can have adverse effects if you are having trouble with blood clotting.

Licorice Root Fertility Tea

Licorice Root Tea is a soothing herbal tea which is helpful in treating fertility problems. It has similar estrogenic properties as of Dong Quai Tea.  Drinking this Tea can help you rectify hormonal imbalance. It can provide estrogenic and progesterone effects to your body which can regulate your menstrual cycle.

Licorice Root Fertility Tea

This herbal Tea has an array of applications in the medical field. People drink this tea to promote adrenal, digestive, respiratory and reproductive health. You can include White Peony in ally with Licorice Root Tea for getting pregnant and boosting fertility. You can include two to three servings of this tea in your day and not exceeding 5 gram per serving.

Who should use Licorice Fertility Tea?

You should drink this fertility tea if you are suffering from these fertility problems.

  1. PMS
    Drinking this Tea can relieve your condition if you are suffering from the symptoms of PMS. Generally the symptoms of PMS are associated with increased levels of Prolactin and insufficient level of Estrogen in your body. This herbal tea is your best to treat all the symptoms which are related to this hormonal imbalance.
  2. PCOS
    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is the most common cause of infertility which is caused due to lack of ovulation and increase in Prolactin hormone. Having a serving of this tea is sure to reduce these symptoms and in turn boosting fertility.
  3. Liver Detoxification
    This Herbal Tea can also assist you in Liver Detoxification of your body. It can eliminate all the toxins built up in your system which is degrading your endocrine health.
  4. Problems in Conceiving
    A lot of women find trouble when trying to conceive due to lack of fluidity in their cervical mucus. Your cervical fluidity changes throughout your cycle and you are most fertile when this fluidity becomes slippery, clear and stretchy. The women who have low levels of estrogen often find trouble in achieving this range of fluidity. The fluidity of your cervical mucus is responsible for passing male sperm through uterus and enters into Fallopian tubes. So, drinking this Tea can improve levels of estrogen and hence improve your cervical fluidity.

Things to watch out with Licorice Root Tea

  • You should avoid this tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby.
  • Having more servings of this Tea than recommended can cause you to experience high blood pressure.
  • Licorice Root Tea is diuretic in nature and should be avoided if you are using some other types of diuretics.
  • Consuming excess servings of this Tea can deplete potassium levels in your body. This can make you experience muscle weakness and muscle numbness.

Alfalfa Fertility Tea

Alfalfa Tea is a fertility tonic that has been used by years to treat cause of infertility. This tea is enriched with minerals and vitamins that can help you get pregnant if you are trying to conceive. The Alfalfa Tea contains phytoestrogen which can boost the natural estrogen in your body. It creates a right hormonal balance for your body and you can aim to get pregnant fast.

Alfalfa Root Fertility Tea

This Tea is rich in Vitamin E, K and C which makes it a powerful tea to treat infertility. Drinking this herbal Tea induces same effects on body as the hormone estrogen. It is great to treat conditions which occur due to low estrogen in the body.

Who should use Alfalfa Fertility Tea?

You should drink the Alfalfa Tea if you experience these causes of infertility.

  1. Premature Ovarian Failure
    Drinking this Tea can help you treat the condition of Premature Ovarian Failure. A lot of women experience ovarian failure even before menopause which leads to infertility. If you have also occurred to this condition, this herbal Tea can be your quick pick.
  2. Slow Metabolism
    Obese Women have a hard time to conceive a pregnancy due to various hormonal imbalances. Drinking Alfalfa Tea can increase your slow metabolism which is very important to beat obesity and for your reproductive health.
  3. High Cholesterol
    High Cholesterol is associated with the causes of infertility in females who are trying to get pregnant. Alfalfa Tea promotes good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol which is great to boost fertility [19] [20].
  4. Post Menopause Symptoms
    Alfalfa Tea contains Phytoestrogen which is shown to prevent estrogen deficiency conditions. The women who are facing problems related to menopause like hot flashes, and night sweat [21].

Things to watch out with Alfalfa Tea

  • Alfalfa Tea has been marked as possible unsafe if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You should avoid this tea if you are suffering from any kind of autoimmune disorder.
  • You shouldn`t use this herbal tea if you are suffering from condition related to estrogen dominance like fibroids, breast cancer and cysts.
  • If you are diabetic, you should consume this tea with caution as it can lower blood glucose levels

Motherwort Fertility Tea

Motherwort Tea is a healing fertility Tea which can deal with lots of fertility problems. It is a nourishing tonic which has a sedative effect on your body. It relaxes your muscle, help you reduce anxiety and detoxifies your body promoting a healthy reproductive body. Drinking this tea induces mild contractions on the uterus which is good if you are facing problems while trying to conceive.

Motherwort Fertility Tea

It is also beneficial in preventing heart palpitations which is main cause of Hyperthyroid. Drinking this Tea can reduce chances of infertility due to hyperthyroid and can reduce your ever increasing heart problems due to anxiety. This fertility tea has anti inflammatory benefits and contains antioxidants which are good for boosting fertility.

Who should use Motherwort Tea?

You should use Motherwort Tea if you have occurred to these fertility problems.

  1. Amenorrhea
    This Tea is good for treating Amenorrhea when you have trouble in getting periods. It can help you with uterine contractions to regulate your periods.
  2. Pre Menstrual Cramps
    If you are getting painful cramps before your periods, drinking Motherwort Tea can alleviate your symptoms.
  3. Hypomenorrhea (Scanty Periods)
    The Motherwort Tea enables your Uterus to work efficiently which can improve your blood discharge during scanty periods where you experience very less blood discharge.
  4. PCOS
    PCOS is a painful condition which is a common cause of infertility. This herbal tonic can help in the dissolving the Ovarian Cysts in your body.
  5. Endometriosis
    Endometriosis can cause fertility problems in your body. It is a condition when you have a problem with your uterus. Having a serving of Motherwort Tea is known to improve your uterine health.

Things to watch out with Motherwort Tea

  • You should stop drinking this tea after you are able to successfully conceive a pregnancy. And should not start again until you`re pregnant as it can induce false labor and can lead to miscarriage.
  • This Tea is bitter in taste and can give you hard time drinking it. You can make an infusion of Licorice Root Tea along with Motherwort Tea for a better tasting tea. Licorice Root is sweet by nature.
  • You should not drink Motherwort Tea during the times of heavy bleeding during menstruation.
  • Drinking this Tea has a diuretic effect on the body and should be avoided if you kidney disorders.
  • Take this Tea for few months and once you feel fine, you should stop it.

Dandelion Fertility Tea

Dandelion Tea can help you prepare to get pregnant by boosting your Liver health. It works by eliminating toxins from your body and releasing the stress builds up on your liver.  When you are trying to conceive, a healthy liver function plays an important role to keep your hormones in balance.

Dandelion Fertility Tea

The Dandelion Tea is powerful herbal formula that prepares your body for a fertility journey. This tea is fortified with abundance of nutrition. It contains vitamins like A, B, C, D and minerals like Iron, calcium, Potassium, Magnesium. Dandelion Tea also contains types of flavonoids which can protect you against cancer and UV damage on your retina. It is a must to have tea for boosting fertility before and during the child bearing years.

Who should use Dandelion Root Tea?

You should use dandelion root tea if you are suffering from or wish to prevent these conditions before and during pregnancy.

  1. Cholestasis
    Some women experience Cholestatis during the last months of their pregnancy [22]. During this condition, your liver function gets affected and can cause severe itching. The flow of bile often gets affected during this time due to increased hormonal stress in your body.  Drinking dandelion tea during your pregnancy period can relieve you from experiencing cholestasis.
  2. Fatty Liver
    If you have a fatty liver and trying to get pregnant, dandelion tea can be your pick. This herbal tea can nourish your body and help you avoid liver disorders from revving up during pregnancy.
  3. High Blood Pressure
    Dandelion Tea is rich source of Potassium and is mildly diuretic in nature. Both these qualities can help you promote lower levels of blood pressure. If you have a problem of high blood pressure or have developed this during pregnancy, controlling the blood pressure is important for you and your baby`s health.

Things to watch out before using Dandelion Tea

  • Some people may experience mouth sores by drinking this tea. You should start this tea and look for possible side effects if any.
  • You may experience stomach upsets, diarrhoea, heartburn and acid reflux while starting this tea. These conditions generally fade away with time once your body adapts to this herbal drink. You can include an antacid in such cases.
  • It is diuretic in nature and you should avoid drinking this tea if you are taking certain types of drugs especially containing lithium.
  • Dandelion Tea can increase the risk of bleeding if you have bleeding disorders and has problem with blood clotting.

Ashwagandha Fertility Tea

Ashwagandha Tea is a popular fertility product that is used to cope up with stress and immunity related fertility problems. Drinking this herbal tea calms your nervous system, improves endocrine health and prevents autoimmunity disorders.

Ashwagandha Fertility Tea

This Tea has shown beneficial in improving sexual functions in women and helps them in getting pregnant fast. The physiological health of woman is very important when you are trying to conceive. Drinking this Tea can improve your mood, and reduce stress related fertility problems like getting arouse or difficulty having orgasm.

Who should use Ashwagandha Tea?

You should use Ashwangandha Tea if you wish to reduce these infertility issues before your pregnancy.

  1. Low Sex Drive
    Ashwagandha Tea can boost your mood If you have lost interest in sex due to stress, and help you have a fulfilling sex life.
  2. Poor Endocrine Health
    This herbal tonic can boost your fertility if you are having trouble in getting pregnant due to poor endocrine health. It supports a healthy thyroid function which improves your reproductive health.
  3. Oxidative Stress
    Oxidative Stress is known to cause infertility in women [23]. Generally it is build up in women who are exposed to pollutants, pesticides or often smokes. Ashwgandha Tea possesses antioxidative and anti inflammatory properties which can reduce the oxidative stress and help you get pregnant fast.

Things to watch out with Ashwagandha Tea

  • You should use Ashwagandha Tea before trying to get pregnant and discontinue once you get pregnant.
  • Taking large doses of Ashwagandha Tea can make you experience diarrhoea, vomiting and mild stomach upset.
  • Woman having bleeding issues or preparing for an upcoming surgery should avoid drinking this tea.
  • Avoid drinking this tea if you are taking anti depressants or medication to reduce blood pressure and blood glucose.

Wild Yam Root Fertility Tea

Wild Yam Root Tea is popular fertility Tea that has been used by a lot of women to treat infertility. This wonderful herbal Tea contains Phytoestrogens and natural Progesterone like properties. These properties can assist you in solving different fertility problems related to Estrogen dominance. The naturally contained Phytoestrogen is great to provide Estrogen and Progesterone balance in your body.

Wild Yam Root Fertility Tea

You should drink this tea in the starting phase of your cycle i.e. before ovulation and after the ovulation phase has finished. Having this Tea before ovulation improves your fertility by providing essential hormones for your body to ovulate. Also, this herbal Tea possesses antispasmodic properties. These properties are known to relax muscles, soothe nerves and improve blood circulation in the body.

Who should use Wild Yam Tea?

You should use Wild Yam Tea if you are experiencing these conditions causing infertility.

  1. Menstrual Cramping
    Drinking Wild Yam Tea improves circulation in your body which makes the uterus to work efficiently. Thus it can help you get relief from menstrual cramping.
  2. Post Menstrual Symptoms
    Wild Yam Tea can help you beat the symptoms you often experience after your menstrual cycle gets completed. These symptoms include cramping, pain during or after intercourse, lower back pain and continuous fatigue.
  3. Menopause Symptoms
    Wild Yam Tea is mostly recommended by herbalists to treat symptoms you experience after menopause. Drinking this Tea can help you alleviate Vaginal Dryness, Hot flashes and Night Sweats.
  4. After Birth Pain
    You can take advantage of the antispasmodic effects of this Tea If you are experiencing uterus pain post pregnancy. You can also combine this Tea with Motherwort Tea to improve its effectiveness in preventing the after birth pain.

Things to watch out with Wild Yam Root Tea

  • The only thing required by this tea to regulate production of estrogen is to have a healthy gut flora. If you are struggling with a healthy gut, you may not see the benefits of this Tea.
  • There are very little evidences supporting the effectiveness of Wild Yam Tea in improving Fertility. Even, there is no clear evidence that the compound Diosgenin can convert directly into progesterone by the human body[24].
  • Avoid this Tea during your pregnancy as it can cause a miscarriage.
  • Don`t drink more than 1 cup of this Tea daily.

Green Tea for Fertility

Green Tea is one of the most popular herbal Tea among the community. It has been used by ages to promote health and well being. Even being so popular, the fertility benefit of drinking this Tea on woman is less discussed and is often missed. But there are many benefits you can avail from drinking this Tea which can actually boost fertility.

Green tea for Fertility

This herbal fertility tea is packed with lots of antioxidants simply known as Polyphenols. These polyphenols can easily reduce the damage occurred in the body associated with free radicals. Free Radicals can cause a lot of damage in your body can induce causes of infertility [25]. It includes damage to DNA, miscarriage, and birth defects in child. This Tea though doesn’t increase fertility but help prepare your body for pregnancy.

Who should use Green Tea?

You should use Green Tea to control these infertility issues.

  1. Insulin Resistance
    There are very high chances of you having insulin resistance if you are suffering from PCOS [26]. The higher the Insulin resistance in your body the lower is the chance of getting pregnant [27]. Drinking Green Tea contains Catechins which are known to reduce the effects of Insulin Resistance.
  2. Reduced Cervical Mucus
    Drinking Green Tea can help you improve the health of your cervical mucus. It is responsible for transporting male sperm to the egg.
  3. Stress
    Stress is the most common cause of infertility and it has defied many women who are trying to conceive. Green Tea is known to reduce your stress and help you beat this cause of infertility.

Things to watch out with Green Tea

  • Consume this Tea only to prepare your body for pregnancy. And stop immediately once you are planning to conceive.
  • Drinking too much Green Tea can lower your body`s ability to absorb Folic Acid which is important for Fetus development.
  • Use only decaffeinated versions of Green Tea to take maximum fertility benefits from this tea.

The Bottom Line

Infertility is a rising problem of the modern society. The CDC has estimated that 6% of married women between ages 15 to 44 in the United States are infertile. Drinking the above herbal Teas can promote a healthy body and a rejuvenated mind. These Teas directly will not guarantee Fertility but can improve your chance of getting pregnant. You should also be mindful about a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise to get rid of female infertility.

The information provided above is informative in nature and should never be rendered as a substitute for medical advice. Consult your Health Care Professional, Doctor, or Nutritionist if you are using any medications and the possible interaction with these herbal teas.


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