In our last article on best steroid pct cycle, you were made aware of why to start a PCT cycle to come off steroids. PCT is the most important aspect after you commence your steroid cycle. The PCT cycle supports the healthy and normal functioning of your body. An effective PCT cycle will help your body recover its natural testosterone production. The production which has come to a halt due to the use of the anabolic steroid. The main concern here is to understand that following a PCT Cycle will require information on the PCT Supplement. These supplements will help you come off steroids keeping your muscle gains intact.

If you have understood the concern on why you need to go for steroid PCT Cycle, then you must need to know about the PCT Supplement and how to dose them for an effective and the best PCT to come off steroids.

The Ultimate List of Best PCT Supplement

The list of PCT supplement required for a best Steroid pct cycle will vary according to the anabolic steroids used in the cycle. Assuming, you have understood the half cycle and the derivatives of the different anabolic steroids as we discussed in our last article on best steroid pct cycle. Now, we will be going to include all those specific supplements in our list to help you carve a best steroid pct cycle. We will be moving step by step with the list to make you understand on what and when to incorporate that specific supplement in your steroid pct cycle.

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SERM -An effective PCT Supplement

The SERM stands for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. It is used in controlling the excess estrogen which has procured in the body due to the testosterone derivatives. These testosterone derivatives have the tendency to convert into estrogen due to the presence of excess testosterone. The SERM binds to the estrogen receptor producing a wall where the estrogen can not bind to the receptors anymore. If the estrogen is freely available in the body it will further promote the natural testosterone production in the body.  The two most used and the effective SERM are mentioned below:

Clomid for Steroid pct cycle

Clomid is the trade name of Clomiphene Citrate which is an effective PCT Supplement. It produces the space where the estrogen is not able to bind to the estrogen receptors of the body. When the Clomid is introduced in the body, the estrogen gets blocked in the pituitary glands. When Pituitary sees less estrogen it signals the brain to produce more LH. The production of increased LH supports the Leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone.

Clomid PCT Dosage

An effective dosage of Clomid can be a great help in your post cycle therapy. You can consider 50 mg dose of Clomid every day for up to three weeks for the maximum results. You can also consider higher doses depending upon a number of anabolic steroids you have used. However, the maximum safe bearable doses for some individuals can up to 150 mg per day. If run the Clomid pct dosage properly, you can expect a rise in your libido, ejaculation volume and will be able to achieve overall well-being.

Nolvadex for Steroid pct cycle

Nolvadex generally referred to as Tamoxifen Citrate is one of the most used SERM by the bodybuilding community. It is the most effective chemical to serve the purpose of the best PCT supplement to come off steroids. It is best used for the steroid cycle which involves short chain and long chain esters or the testosterone derivatives.

Nolvadex PCT Dosage

Nolvadex is an effective SERM and can do great wonders in your PCT program. If the proper dose of Nolvadex is incorporated by the user, he can expect effective results with this chemical. The general dose for Nolvadex includes running Nolvadex for four weeks at 40 mg per day for two weeks and after that following the 20 mg dosage per day for next two weeks.

Aromatase Inhibitor-Another effective PCT Supplement

AI or the Aromatase Inhibitors are the class of drugs which are used to control the process of aromatization. Aromatization refers to the conversion of androgens to estrogen via aromatase enzyme. You can simply understand aromatization as conversion of excess testosterone to estrogen.

Aromatase Inhibitor serves a crucial role in achieving an effective PCT Cycle to come off steroids. They help your body to keep normal hormone balance. These are very effective in blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body and keeping muscle gains after the PCT cycle. You can also consider adding them to the cycle to improve muscle gains and keeping your hormone in balance. The two most effective and widely used AI`s are:

Proviron for Steroid PCT Cycle

Proviron is considered by athletes during the cycle as it helps them to magnify their gains. The ability of Proviron to serve as an anti-estrogen is worth notable here. Proviron for PCT is not as effective as the other Aromatase Inhibitor ‘Letrozole’.

Proviron PCT Dosage

You can consider taking a dose ranging from 50 mg to 150 mg per day for four weeks depending upon your goal. You can introduce it to your cycle for boosting the fertility count, reduction of estrogen levels and reduce water retention caused by the increased estrogen.

Letrozole for Steroid PCT Cycle

Letrozole is the most potent Aromatase Inhibitor available on the market today. It has shown to reduce estrogen by 95% to 98% from the body. It can further help you deal with all the associated side effects of increased estrogen in the body.

Letrozole PCT Dosage

The Letrozole doses for the PCT Cycle can be run at 1.25 mg every other day for not more than a week. However, the blood plasma levels of letrozole will take a minimum of 60 days to reach the maximum level.

Include Natural Testosterone Boosters with Aromatase Inhibitors during cycle to improve gains

HCG- The most recommended PCT supplement 

HCG known as Human Chronic Gonadotropin is by far the most known substance to be included in the PCT Cycle for years now. It is the most recognized compound known by our anabolic community for an effective PCT Cycle to come off steroids. HCG is great for the recovery of the HPTA Axis and regulating the normal production of testosterone in the body after a steroid cycle.

The HCG works on bringing the desensitized testicles back to its normal size so that they can produce required testosterone after a steroid cycle. During the cycle, our testicles get desensitized due to the availability of excess testosterone in the system. And once we put halt to the cycle, the additional supply of testosterone shuts down. But till that time, the testicle forgets it’s functioning and will take their time to get back to its normal functioning.  This gap leads to the point where we end up losing all the earned muscles.

In this case, HCG plays a major role in bridging this gap and helping us to retain the muscles. It provides the necessary signal to the HPTA Axis to start production of Luteinizing Hormone for the Leydig cells to produce testosterone.

HCG PCT dosage

The smaller dose of HCG at frequent intervals is best considered for the use in PCT Cycle to come off steroids. You can consider the dosage of 2000 I.U. every other day for a two week period can yield best results.

Anti-Catabolic – The best Recovery PCT Supplement

The Anabolic steroid users many a time remain skeptical on what supplements to use in PCT for effective recovery. The employment of anabolic steroid cycle puts the body under a lot of pressure and stress. Our cortisol levels begin to rise and the end of the cycle, the cortisol levels are at their peak. Considering this case, we have included three best anti-catabolic supplements to be used in a PCT Cycle to come off steroids.


The HMB supplementation during the PCT Cycle will help you combat with the increased cortisol levels. It will further help in preventing muscle breakdown by counteracting on increased cortisol caused due to the hormonal stress put on the body. A 3-gram dose of HMB in PCT is effective to achieve desired results.


Supplementing with DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) not only helps in lowering the cortisol levels. But it will also help in aiding serum testosterone levels which have dropped during the anabolic steroid cycle. You can include the dose of DHEA ranging from 50 mg to 150 mg to achieve the muscle goals.

Natural Testosterone Boosters:

The natural Testosterone boosters have shown to improve the natural testosterone levels. These are the formulations of different substances which naturally increases our lost testosterone levels. There is a variety of natural testosterone boosters available on the market. Choosing the right natural testosterone booster for an effective PCT is ardently required.

Check out the list of the Ultimate Testosterone Booster to boost your lost testosterone levels naturally.

Summary on Best PCT Supplement to achieve the best PCT

We have listed clearly all the elements required you to come off steroids and achieve the best steroid PCT. Summarizing the above learning with some more needed information. The main objectives of an effective PCT are to retain the hard earned muscles. And achieving the normal level of testosterone in lowest possible time after a steroid cycle.

We have earlier categorized the most popular steroids according to their half-lives and derivatives. The classification will help you choose the best PCT supplement to come off steroids. A point worth mentioning here is that the use of HCG alone is not that effective.   Pair the HCG with the SERMSRun the HCG for initial two weeks and then add SARMS for effective recovery.

The above information is used to control the increased estrogen in the body. And not to eradicate the estrogen from the body. Read the above information, you are now able to understand which supplement is to be used. When to incorporate that specific supplement for the best results.