Ever wondered that a fatty face makes you look many years older than the age you are actually in? There are times when you struggle with low self-confidence and feel rejected due to a fat face. You must have felt the awfulness of having a fatty face.

And having no alternative to hiding this part of your body is unsettling your moods. The state of having a fatty face often leads to other problems including emotional upsetting and eating disorders. If you are also among those struggling with fatty face, then take a seat and learn how to get rid of face fat.

get rid of face fat

In this article, you will learn the best way to lose face fat. We are including all the necessary information on face fat removal. The information to get rid of face fat will be narrowed down to the three major aspects.

The first aspect will talk about the factors contributing to fatty face. In the second phase of the article, you will learn the exercises to lose face fat. Finally, in the third settlement, you will be able to rectify the lacking nutrition to get rid of face fat.

How to get rid of face fat?

get rid of face fat

Face fat can be accumulated due to various factors. The secret to get rid of face fat lies in understanding these contributing factors. Many of you desire to lose your face fat. But only those who can work on these factors will be able to lose face fat. Let us list all the factors contributing to fat face.

Proper Hydration to get rid of face fat

Your face is the perfect site where your body retains most of its water. The body retains water for the case of an epidemic when the required amount of water for its functions is not present.

You need to realize the importance of hydrating your body optimally. Failing this, your body will store more water around your face. And, you end up getting a bloated face.

Drinking adequate amounts of water can help you lose face fat. You need to aim for eight-ounce glasses of water daily to stay perfectly hydrated as suggested by the Mayo clinic. Consuming the right amounts of water also helps you reduce your overeating habit.

Eat a balanced diet to get rid of face fat

A well-balanced diet is required to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals to your body. If you are lacking the important vitamins and minerals, there are high chances that you have a bloated face.

The lack of vitamin C and beta carotene in your diet are primarily responsible for a bloated face. Furthermore, if are eating high amounts of carbohydrates or sugary carbs, you can get a bloated face.

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Eating a well-balanced diet is sure to ensure you got all the needed vitamins and minerals. Try to plan the macros in your diet and stay away from refined carbohydrates. Also, include fruits high in vitamin c like the lemons, oranges and watermelons to get rid of face fat. Also, drinking beetroot juice is a perfect way to promote face fat removal.

Avoiding Medical conditions to get rid of face fat

There are certain medical conditions that can be accounted for by promoting face fat. These medical conditions include hypothyroidism, moon facies, Cushing’s syndrome, and sinus.  These conditions lead you to gain weight rapidly around your face and you end up with a puffy face.

The condition of the thyroid is due to the lack of thyroid hormones in the body. The other condition of moon facies and Cushing’s syndrome are the cause of increased cortisol in your system. This cortisol hormone is linked with prevailing stress and can swell your blood vessels on the face.

If you can manage your stress, you can think of losing face fat.  Furthermore, the sinus also affects your face the same way by swelling your blood vessels making your face look fat.

Reduce alcohol consumption to get rid of face fat

Drinking excess amounts of alcohol can quickly dehydrate your body and lead to facial bloating. Any kind of alcoholic beverage is capable enough to get your face bloated. The more you drink alcohol, the more your body tends to get thirsty.

You are required to cut down on booze in order to have a leaner face. Drinking alcohol can cause the blood vessels on your face to dilate and you end up looking older.

Adequate Sleep to get rid of face fat

If you are not taking enough sleep or good quality sleep, you can experience bloating around your face. If you are not sleeping enough, you can have sagging muscles which can make your face appear bigger than normal.

It is advised you take good quality sleep, and have at least 6-8 hours of sleep to get rid of face fat and avoid bloating.  A study published online has also suggested that sleep deprivation can affect your facial appearance.

Exercises to get rid of face fat and lose fat cheeks

get rid of face fat

Working on the above factors can surely help you stay away from getting face fat. But if you already struggling with face fat, then your best bet is to work out that fat away. Indulge yourself into a healthy lifestyle and perform daily exercises to promote a lean body.

So which exercises to lose face fat has to be done? Are there any specific exercises that can target the stubborn fat stored in your face?

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If you would ask me, are there any specific exercises to lose face fat, the answer is straight no. The reason for saying no is because there is nothing called as spot fat reduction. Generally, spot fat reduction refers to the fallacy of losing fat from a specific area by doing exercises of that targeted muscle only.

But this is not the case. You cannot target a specific spot by working out that muscle only. However, the best approach to get rid of face fat is to lose overall body fat.

Losing overall body fat requires you to do both the workout and have proper nutrition. We will be talking about nutrition at the end of this article. Prior, let us talk about the exercises you can do to promote fat loss around your face.

Like we said, spot reduction is not possible, but these exercises will certainly help you promote a slimmer face with high cheekbones and a chiseled jawline.

1.     Lips Pull to get rid of face fat

Lip pull is an effective exercise to lose face fat and reduce cheeks. Doing this exercise regularly can help you gain confidence and shed away that unwanted fat from your face. This exercise works both your facial muscles and cheek muscles, promoting a more youthful and a chiseled face.

get rid of fat face

You can start lip pull exercise by either sitting down or standing up in a normal position. It is required that you keep your head in a neutral position. Now, lift your lower lip upwards by pushing your lower jaw outwards. This position will put a strain on your jawline.

And, further, stretch your cheeks shaping a well-contoured and a slimmer face with the chiseled jawline. Stay in this stretch position for 15 seconds. Repeat the same exercise for 10 more times for pronounced results.

2.     Blowing Air out to get rid of face fat

Blowing air out of your mouth makes a perfect exercise to get rid of face fat. Using this technique, you stretch out your lips and allow your cheek muscles to get into action. This movement effectively works out both your cheeks and chin and helps in shaping a smart face. The individual struggling with a double chin can also benefit from doing this exercise.

get rid of face fat

You can simply use a balloon to perform this exercise. Blow a balloon 10 times a day for a well-cut face with that dream jawline you always desired of. Blowing air simply calls for expanding your cheek muscles making it a good technique to work all your facial muscles.

3.     Chewing to get rid of face fat

Chewing is by far the easiest way to lose face fat. This is one exercise you need not do specifically for face fat removal. You chew your food and this enough to promote a lean face.

However, it is required that you chew your food properly and not gulping it as it is. Take time enjoying every bite of your food. Chew properly and not gulp the food before chewing it 20 times in your mouth.

get rid of face fat

Chewing your food properly also helps you to avoid unnecessary abdominal bloating and constipation. You may also tempt to chew gum after knowing about chewing to get rid of face fat. Not so fast, look before chewing any gum. Chewing gums can cause you to feel bloat immediately and can trigger sugar cravings.

4.     Fish Face to get rid of face fat

The fish face is one of the convenient exercises to lose face fat. This exercise can be done conveniently anytime anywhere. You can do this exercise when you are sitting ideally, watching your favorite T.V. show or in an office break. This exercise stresses your cheeks which benefits in achieving a smart lean face.

get rid of face fat

Suck your cheeks inwards by moving your lip in an outward direction. Stay in this posture for 5 seconds allowing more stress to your cheek muscles and jawline. Perform this exercise 10 times and you will able to see your chiselled face in a few weeks.

5.     Jaw release to get rid of face fat

The jaw release exercise can get you a face with the chiseled jawline and attractive cheek muscles. You can easily get rid of face fat by regularly doing this exercise. A well-contoured face can be achieved doing jaw release exercise which is sure to turn heads.  This exercise works all your facial muscles around your chin, jaw, and lips.

get rid of face fat

Start this exercise by sitting down in a normal position. In this exercise, you will start by mimicking the chewing action by keeping your lips closed. You will breathe in and out during this action. Next, open your mouth wide by pressing your lower teeth by your tongue. You have to hold this posture for 5 seconds and then repeat for 10 more times for an effective stretch.

These exercises can promote a slimmer face by targeting all your facial muscles. Try to do these exercises 10 minutes after taking a shower. It is the best time when you have proper moisture in your skin. It is also advised you use a proper skin moisturizer before doing these exercises.

Nutrition to get rid of face fat

Including the right nutrition in your diet can do wonders for your face. You can target to lose face fat by eating the right foods and kicking out what is causing face fat. Include fresh fruits which are rich in vitamin c. The vitamin c in fresh fruit will promote skin elasticity and keep you away from face bloating.

The green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are rich in calcium. It will help you detox your liver and keeping your skin healthy away from toxic chemicals.

You are also required to cut down on sodium. The extra sodium in your diet can bloat your face, as sodium has a tendency to retain water in the body. Keep your sodium content low by choosing fresh foods over canned foods.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned tips and exercises can help you get rid of face fat the natural way. These tips can effectively help you lose your face fat without going for any troublesome surgery. You can certainly hope to see a lean face with chiseled jawline and a high cheekbone.