Feeling conscious on wearing a tee shirt, or going shirtless at a pool party. Your inappropriate chest is giving you a tale of disappointments. You might be struggling on How to reduce chest fat all the time and is looking for fixing it. You are getting an unwanted attention from your co-workers on having a bad chest or a chest fat. Your chest looks more like of a man boobs and you are wondering to eradicate all the possible causes of man boobs.

how to reduce chest fat

In the upcoming article, we have prepared a space for all our readers that are struggling with chest fat from over the years and hasn`t been able to fix it. We will be sharing all the required information on how to reduce chest fat and get rid of man boobs completely.

You need to understand what causes man boobs before getting on how to reduce chest fat

Man boobs or a Fat chest has a direct connection with your lifestyle that you were leading from quite a few past years now. So what has been done wrong in these past few years? The problem, however, relates to hormonal imbalance in your body. The hormonal imbalance is a result of various factors including your sedentary lifestyle, how or what you eat? How you manage your stress? And whether are you taking any steroids for bodybuilding goals?

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The Hormonal Imbalance occur in the male body due to a hormone named as “Estrogen”’.   The Estrogen is a female hormone which is the root cause of developing man boobs in your body. You can understand this problem by simply understanding the fact that our body is designed to keep a balance between the hormones to keep us going. The male hormone ”Testosterone” is a major hormone in the male body and whenever the testosterone falls down, the estrogen in the body start rising and you end up having male boobs.

There is also a state to consider here that whenever you supply your body with artificial testosterone in large number, your body can either shut its natural testosterone production. It increases the estrogen to balance the increased testosterone in the body. This is the case with that community of bodybuilding which tends to abuse Anabolic steroids to enhance their performance in the sport.

Factors to consider on how to reduce chest fat:

How to reduce chest fat or getting rid of male boobs requires you to consider the below-mentioned factors carefully and following the same can get you the edge in answering the question on how to reduce chest fat. Let us read all the factors required to lose chest fat.

how to reduce chest fat

a. Make right choices of Food to reduce male boobs:

Making right choices of food is ardently important when reducing male boobs is on your mind. Eating carbohydrates is a big no if you wish to get rid of chest fat fast. However, the carbohydrates having low GI (Glycemic Index) can be used in moderation.

b. Exercise regularly to get rid of male boobs:

A good workout regime can greatly widen your window to a better chest. Exercising regularly can help your body to regain its lost natural testosterone levels and will further help in reducing estrogen levels from your body.

c. Managing stress to avoid male boobs:

Stress can lead to various hormonal imbalances including the rise of the hormone known as the “Cortisol hormone” which is inversely related to testosterone. If your stress levels are high, your cortisol will increase. It will create a dip in the natural testosterone levels leading to an increase in estrogen levels.

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d. Don`t indulge in nutritional dieting

Starving yourself can lead to various nutritional deficiencies which can further cause hormonal imbalance. In this state, man has a tendency to lose natural testosterone levels as he isn`t getting enough nutrients to contribute to the natural testosterone production of the body. This state can get even worse as reported by “The Journal of the American Medical Association” that if you resume your diet back to normal, you can even get a “refeeding gynecomastia”.  And can develop the breast tissue or the man boobs.

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e. Proper Sleep

Sleep is a really important factor for your body to have a great hormonal balance. Our body demands a great sleep to generate a good hormone balance. According to a research, it is stated that the less you sleep, the less your body will be able to produce the natural testosterone.

There are two other evils also that greatly contribute to male boobs and should be taken into consideration and have to eradicated from our lifestyle as soon as possible. These two evils namely “Smoking Cigarettes” and “Consuming Alcohol” need to tackle immediately if you are already struggling with male boobs.

Cigarette smoking can lead to various cancer-related issues and it is a known fact that cancer can overburden your hormone balance and you can end up with chest cancer or gynecomastia. Furthermore, drinking alcohol can enhance your male boobs to even more extent. The Phytoestrogen contained in hops to make alcoholic beverages can greatly increase your estrogen supplies in your body.

How to check if you have man boobs or Gynecomastia?

The formation of man boobs or the fat deposits on the chest can be both embarrassing and threatening. Considering the condition of fat deposits on your chest, it is necessarily required to examine if there are any signs of gynecomastia. It can be detected by following a simple inspection of your chest.

how to reduce chest fat

  1. If you feel a firm thickness on your chest while pressing your nipples, it can be a sign of gynecomastia.
  2. Try to feel your chest and inspect the fat on your chest and around the breast tissue of your chest. It may look similar to a female breast, but you have to examine the chest fat whether it is soft or is it firm. If you feel it firm, waste no more time in consulting a doctor as you might have hit with gynecomastia.
  3. If you are experiencing a hard lump in your chest, you can expect that lump to grow to look similar to a breast. Even this problem can be coupled with a rare form of breast cancer in man. Take quick action and fix an appointment with a gynecologist.
  4. If you feeling signs of tenderness or any kind of soreness around the nipples of your chest or the breast tissue, you should definitely consult a doctor.
  5. If you are struggling with puffy and erected nipples, there are 30 percent chances of gynecomastia or it can be a sign from your body that your estrogen levels have peaked up.

Apart from all of these mentioned signs, there might be a chance you are only struggling with a fat chest and not with gynecomastia. You can follow the below-mentioned exercise to exactly reduce chest fat for forever.

Best Exercises on how to reduce chest fat

Exercise can be a crucial aspect on how to reduce chest fat and get rid of male boobs. Training chest muscle for great pecs can significantly help you lose the chest fat and further contribute to the reduction of gynecomastia. Lets us now share the best ultimate top 5 exercises on how to reduce chest fat and develop great pecs.

exercise on how to reduce chest fat

a. Incline Cable Fly

Incline cable fly is the best way to give the right foundation to your chest. The Incline cable fly is highly effective to sculpt a great upper chest. Having a developed upper chest will help you fit in your desired T-shirts without wondering whether your man boobs are visible or not.

b. Bodyweight Pushups:

Bodyweight Pushups are the basic and easiest exercises to lose chest fat. The ease of doing this exercise is a great way as well as an effective way to punish your chest fat and develop a well-sculpted chest. However, you can also try variations in push ups to amplify your muscle gains to even great levels.

c. Dumbell Incline Press

Dumbell Incline Press is a great way to hit the sternal head of your major pectoral muscle. This movement will help you get good muscle mass on your chest and having a developed muscle will help you counter with the unnecessary fat deposits on your chest.

d. Flat Bench Press

Flat Bench Press has always been the king of chest exercise and is very effective in dealing with male boobs. This particular exercise targets the pectoral muscle of your chest effectively and further helps you on reducing the chest fat.

e. Cable Crossover

Cable crossover is a great exercise to get rid of the saggy or the fat chest. It is very effective in punishing those male breasts which have always seemed to be a problem for you.  If done properly, it can help you get rid of man boobs quickly and help you achieve a nicely built chest.

What foods to avoid for moobs?

You might have understood the urgency and want to completely get rid of your male boobs, then there are some specific foods that should not be included in your next grocery shopping list. The foods to avoid for moobs are listed as:

foods to avoid to fix male boobs

  1. Soybeans
  2. Potatoes
  3. Chickpeas
  4. Pepper
  5. Wheat
  6. White Rice
  7. White bread
  8. White pasta
  9. Sugar Syrups
  10. Milk

These are some of the foods which can heighten your problem of man boobs to even worse. The main cause of removing these foods from your diet is because of the fact that these foods contain natural estrogen in them.

Best supplements to help in getting rid of moobs

Getting rid of moobs requires you to combat the excess estrogen from the body and support the body to increase the natural Testosterone production. In combination with diet and exercise, you can also add dietary supplements to support your battle with man breasts.

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You can read our list of top testosterone boosters to boost your natural testosterone production. You can also consider adding natural testosterone boosting foods in your diet to counter excess estrogen and have an increased natural testosterone production.

The above-written information is the most noteworthy piece of information to get you well informed on how to get rid of chest fat and the possible causes of your man boobs. We certainly hope the above information will help you get rid of chest fat and reduce your moobs. Feel free to share this information with someone who needs it most and also share your experience with man boobs and how you get rid of it?